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Lincoln Composite Materials, Inc. is a formulator and manufacturer of quality composite products. We are also in the process of developing a full line of film adhesives along with various prepreg materials. Our products are customer driven to meet their specific objectives. These formulations have been designed in our laboratory to meet rigid aerospace requirements. We want to be our customers "go to vendor" for design and production solutions to enhance the end product as well as maintaining a competitive edge within their specific marketplace.


LATEST NEWS - Hot Melt Coating Coming Soon

Lincoln Composite Materials, Inc. will begin producing film adhesives along with one and two side coated prepregs. Initial offerings will include, but not be limited to 175°F, 250°F and 350°F systems. Sampling will begin sometime early in the fourth quarter of this year.
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LC MATERIALS policy is to provide quality products to all customers and to comply with their requirements and specifications, while improving our quality system. Top management is committed to the measurement of quality objectives and providing leadership toward that commitment, so that all employees can maximize their potential to satisfy customer requirements.

R & D

LC Materials was founded as a company dedicated to meet the needs of its customers by developing innovative solutions to their specifications. With a professional staff and a variety of analytical resources available at our laboratories, we work closely with our customers to offer new solutions to improve upon existing designs or develop new products.


LC MATERIALS uses a variety of high quality, efficient machinery to manufacture the precise products that our customers require. Our equipment is designed to process products ranging from two part systems and potting compounds to film adhesives, woven and unidirectional high-performance fibers including fiberglass, carbon, aramids and hybrids.

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