350 Degree Epoxy Glass Prepreg


LC-E328 is a single or two side coated, epoxy glass prepreg designed for service temperatures at 350⁰F (176⁰ C) with intermittent temperatures up to 500⁰ F (260⁰ C). This system can also be ideal for multi-ply laminates requiring thick cross sections.


LC-E328 can be layed up and cured in thick laminates without worry of exotherm (eg., Very Hot Reaction). A wide variety of cure cycles also allow for LC-E328 to be very user friendly throughout processing. Low volatiles have proven ideal for low void, multiple ply lay ups.

Physical Properties

Density: 1.22 G/cm3 per ASTM D792
Gel Time @ 275⁰F (135⁰C): 75 - 85 minutes
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg): 305°F (152°C)
Color: Black
Tack: Medium

Shelf Life / Out Life / Storage

Shelf Life: 6 months from Certification Date
Out Life: 14 days @ 70⁰F (21⁰C)
Storage Temp: 40⁰F or below

Processing/Cure Cycle Recommendations

Heat oven to 200⁰ F. (93⁰ C). Maintain part for 60 minutes at 200⁰ F. (93⁰ C).
Heat oven to 250⁰ F. (121⁰ C). Maintain part for 120 minutes at 250⁰ F. (121⁰ C).
Heat oven to 350⁰ F. (177⁰ C). Maintain part for 4 hours at 350⁰ F. (177⁰ C)
Turn oven off. Allow to cool in oven below 150⁰F (66⁰ C) before removing.
*Freestanding post cure at 350°F may be applied.

Mechanical Properties


Tested per Specification

R.T. (75°F)

R.T. Wet

Ultimate Tensile Strength (psi)
FTMS 406
Tensile Modulus
PSI x 10E5
FTMS 406
Elongation at Break, %
FTMS 406

*Tests performed using LC-E328-7781 @ 36% RC
**Additional fabric styles available upon request

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