May 2, 2024

Film Adhesives Designed For Bonding Heat SInks to PCB's

Lincoln Composite Materials (LCM) has introduced a new line of thermally conductive electrically insulating film adhesives specifically designed for the bonding of heat sinks to PCB’s as well as other bonding applications requiring thermally conductive properties in the electronics industry. While both systems have outstanding performance, LC-E252LT was designed specifically with a range of curing capabilities from 150° F. (65° C.) to 300° F. (148°C.). LC-E229EF, on the other hand, was designed targeting low outgassing, as well as superior heat transfer and dielectric properties. Both systems have a shelf life of 12 months at 0° F. (17° C.). For further information, please visit our website at and/or contact us directly at (714) 898-8350. You can also contact our sales dept. for additional data or requests.

LC-E252LT Data Sheet

LC-E229EF Data Sheet

Nov 15, 2021

New OSU/FST Compliant Materials

Lincoln Composite Materials is proud to introduce 2 new OSU/FST compliant materials. LC-E342PG (Press Grade) and LC-E342LG (Layup Grade) have been designed for applications such as commercial aircraft and rail car interiors requiring low smoke and burn characteristics while also providing excellent adhesion to various core materials. LC-E342 offers little to no post production fill and fare. LC-E342 comes in both natural color and white to accommodate specific customer requirements. Please contact our sales dept. for additional data or requests.

July 24, 2018


LCM  Certified to AS9100 Rev. D

Lincoln Composite Materials' Quality Management System has recently been certified to the new AS9100 Rev. D standard by SAI Global. This standard, a version of ISO9001:2015  specifically modified for the aerospace industry, is recognized world wide as the highest standard of quality, safety and risk management. Maintaining certification to the AS9100 standard demonstrates LCM's commitment to 100% customer satisfaction through on-time, defect free delivery in addition to our industry leading lead times and customer service.

For questions regarding this certification, or any other inquiries, please call (714) 898-8350.

May 21, 2018

LCM  Announces LC-E115P Corrosion Inhibiting Epoxy Primer

Lincoln Composite Materials is proud to announce the immediate availability of LC-E115P, our corrosion inhibiting epoxy primer. LC-E115P is a single component, sprayable primer designed to enhance the life and environmental resistance of bonded metallic structures.

LC-E115P has been designed for use with 250°F (121°C) - 350°F (176°C) curing film adhesives while maintaining optimal performance. It is compatible with various film adhesives without loss of mechanical properties, and with the addition of corrosion inhibition.

LC-E115P is offered in 1 and 5 gallon packaging with a lead time of two weeks or less. For further information please see the data sheet, call us at (714) 898-8350, or email

June 14th,2017


LCM  Announces LC-E237G Surfacing Film

Lincoln Composite Materials is proud to announce the immediate availability of our supported surfacing film, LC-E237G. This surfacing film creates a porosity-free finish requiring minimal to no surface prep.

The high-quality finish of LC-E237G surfacing film is paint and primer ready right out of the mold. Standard colors for the supported film are gray and white, with various other colors available. Similarly, if your application requires something other than our standard 0.035 psf (170 gsm), our team is happy to accommodate.

LC-E237G surfacing film is also available with lightning strike screens or foils with all of the above options. Whatever variation of LCM's surfacing film you choose, it will provide an excellent finish that reduces time and cost.

LC-E237G surfacing film is offered with a lead time of two weeks or less. For further information please contact us at (714) 898-8350 or email

June 1st,2017


LCM  Certified  to  AS9100

Lincoln Composite Materials, Inc. (LCM) is proud to announce the certification of our Quality Management System to AS 9100 Rev C. In pursuit of this certification, LCM engaged in a rigorous audit of every facet of our business. Attaining this certification validates our commitment toward continuous improvement of all our processes, and strengthens our ability to meet and exceed our customer’s needs and expectations. This commitment runs deep within our organization, and is the responsibility of every employee. We look forward to serving our customers, and thank them for their continued loyalty and trust in LCM.